Akodo Bushi Archer


Background: One summers evening, in the City of Kenson Gakka (Humitlity’s Lesson), rumors began to reach my ears. Soshi Ito, a Scorpion Clan Samuri, was said to be spinning flippant and embarrassing tales of Akodo Sanzo, my grand-father. This dishonor would not stand.
I Tracked down this Soshi Ito and demanded to know why he would spread these lies. His reply was simply to deny having spread them at-all. Knowing The Scorpion a notorious for their duplicity, I challenged him to an honor dual. Insulted by my insolence Soshi Ito accepted and decided to teach this Lion a lesson.
Though heated and intense, the dual ended quickly. Having shown sure footwork, Soshi Ito stumbled on the defensive, turning what would have been first blood into the fatal blow. Shocked and troubled, I scan the floor for any divot or raised flagstone, replaying the last few moments again for any detail. Soshi Ito’s retainers rush in to aid their master, noticing already something is terribly wrong.
As his retainers rush in shouting and crowding the body, something seems off.. A familiar face near Soshi Ito.. I realize now that I’ve seen that face far to frequently today. In fact, A face that always accompanied the insults whispered. In disbelief, I follow her arms a quick glance at a black insect tattoo. Spider! Oh what a fool I have been. Further, a pair of hands removing the dart embedded in Soshi Ito’s leg!
“Murder! Framed!” I cry out.
“Murderer! SHAME!” cry out the Scorpion retainers who cannot listen. The Face is gone, melted into the crowd.

Taken before the lord I do not make a case or plead for mercy.
For Being so fooled and manipulated, to allow my hubris to consume me, self-exile.
For wholly dishonoring my family I cast aside my diashu, the diashu of Akodo Sanzo, never to be wielded again until this dishonor has been redeemed through deed or death.


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