Character Creation

This is a Ronin only game. In addition to using the character creation rules from page 99 of the base book, you must use one of the three options listed in the Ronin section that starts on page 233.

Besides standard starting experience points, I am giving you an additional 10 exp to use during character creation.

Experience points gained from taking Disadvantages are capped at 7, as you will all already be taking Social Disadvantage: Ronin for 3 points.

Advantage purchases are capped at 20 exp points.

All Ronin techniques from the base book and the Ronin section of Enemies of the Empire are allowed. Ronin techniques from other books may be allowed with permission. No Monk techniques will be allowed, nor will Clan techniques past Rank 1.

For clarification or questions, please contact me via text.

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Character Creation

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